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First i must say thank you to all of you who have read my first post and thank you to Alibaba for putting it in recommended topic.

Because of that i decided to write part 2 and share some more experience with you about dealing with on line international business especially with Chinese companies.

In order to understand all please read part 1 first by so everything will make sense to you and you will get the hole picture.

You are looking for reliable supplier like i did,so the best way is to find is to search for factories in China.

The truth is that most of factories for electronic products for well know brands are placed in China precisly in Shenzhen but you can not buy directly from them.

If you are buying genuine original brands for laptops and cellphones you can buy it from certified dealers but they wont sell you one or two pics,they sell it in large quantities or even in bulk then you can get a good price for them otherwise buy it in your own country it would be easier and cheaper and safer for you.

In China you can buy cheap OEM laptops and all kind of electronics from chinese factories.Most of them sell high copies of well known brands for example cellphones.

Those kind of cellphpones are very cheap and easy to sell but they are actually ilegall to import them but there are certain ways it is possible but you need to buy them from chinese manufa. because they know the ways how to send them to you.

When you receive some offer from company use they data and googled them and use alibaba comunity search to see what will pop up.You will see did any of people have already done with that company and what were their experince with that company.

When you receive some offer by mail be sure that contains all data from that company that is made profesionaly and not something that you can write by your self and send it, you will noticed the difference when you get couple of them.Those good companies have their own web sites with domain like .com or .com.cn

Most of the prices come in USD and some came in the RMB and dont be suprised if they say to you that prices in USd are changed by the week or month that is good sign because USD fluctuation on FOREX so they depend on that., while on the other hand scamers always have same ridicolues prices and they are always like 400,00 350.00 etc..

Some differences beetwen scamers and honest company is that scamer will boder you every day with his offers he will give you ridiculosly lowprice,they will offer you passports from their boss to verify them they have all the necessary data for you prepared and that is why they are scamers.

When they tell you that they are in business more thay five years but when you ask them to show you their web site they will tell you that it is under construction they will even send it to you some link to see it for your self.

If you are buying smaller quantities (samples) you will not get discount just easy like taht at the honest supplier while at the scamer you will get it without any problem.

But if you are buying larger quantities be sure to deal some discount for your self but dont expect that you will have some huge discount like 50% because there is no way that someone will give you that kind of discount just like that.

When you buy larger quantities of products from china be sure to use preorder inspection companies so you can be sure that you will receive what you have paid for.I have 2 contacts for those kind of companies who does this inspection so you acn contact me and i will give you their details or you can search it for your self in alibaba.

One more way is that you have a friend in china who wil do that for you like i have so he can buy it for you and make sure that you get the products.

I even heard that Alibaba has some sort of service called "GULF" where you can report it if you got scamed i have never use it so i dont know any details how that goes.

But when you do some business make sure you got official invoice for price and for custom of those products and of course shiping cost.

Make sure you have enough evidence so you acn claim for refund in case you got scamed.

And about that shiping cost you should knoe that it is calculated separetly from cost of products if some one says to you that it is already calculated in the cost of products he is probably scamer.

Rember this are all just guidelines so you can be safer as posiblle when you do this kind of business those are not gold rules which you have to contain strictly.

You should be aware that chinese have a dufferent tradition and customs so you should be prepare to exeprince some minor difficulties when dealing with them esspecilay in language barriers, but they are trying their best.

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