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How to Make an Wedding Headbands 

Ribbon Headbands    Wedding crystal headbands

 -Make simple wedding headbands Native American. stylesupplier 

Ribbon Headbands    Bridal rhinestone headbands

 -Native Americans make wedding headbands works well as a follow-up of cultural studies or a fun craft for Thanksgiving. It encourages students and children to explore Native American culture and reinforces previous lessons or activities. After making their wedding headbands, children and students can play traditional Native American games, create and act out stories with Native American characters. stylesupplier 

Ribbon Headbands    Wedding bridal diamante headbands

 -Things we have to prepare:
Fake leather
flexible tape
Liquid Stitch
colored feathers

Ribbon Headbands    Ribbon bridal headbands

 -Cut a piece of faux leather 2 inches wide and about 2 inches longer than the head is about. Use a flexible tape measure around your forehead. Use a ruler and chalk to draw the strip before cutting. stylesupplier 

Crystal Headbands   Ribbon wedding headbands

 -Draw Native American symbols on the bright side of the strip of leather with a chalk. Use a referral from your textbook, or use the table Kiva meaning. Choose symbols that go with your personality, like a coyote for a playful trickster. stylesupplier 

Wedding Headbands    Crystal headbands with ribbon

 -Painting on the images of chalk with tempera paints. Work slowly and let one color dry before applying another. Let the paint dry for an hour. stylesupplier 

Rhinestone Headbands   Flowers crystal headbands for wedding

 -Wrap the crystal headbands around his head, overlapping the ends so that the wedding headbands is tight. Glue the ends with liquid stitch. Use the liquid stitch his tail feathers wedding headbands. Liquid stitch that dry overnight and wear his headband proudly. stylesupplier 


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