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Sourcing Products from the world largest factory outlets----Yiwu International (trade) commodity city China
We are a professional sourcing agent in Yiwu and specialized in providing costs effective and efficient solutions to business, corporate and individual who seek specific products or services in Yiwu China. We are able to identify reliable sources and service providers in Yiwu China who are able to provide quality and assure services to who seek measures to reduce their business operational costs.

Price QuoteIn order to provide an accurate quote, Aussiemas will consider the following facts when providing the price quote:
1. Design work and drawings with specifications;
2. Sample product with material code, size, color, etc.;
3. Packaging requirement (if applicable);
4. Printing requirement (if applicable);
5. The quantity of the production run;
6. Shipping preference such as FOB, CFR, CIF, Air, Ocean, or Express;
7. FDA, EPA, DOT regulations (if applicable);
8. Customs duty and clearance.

We will quote you the price on a landed duty paid destination. To make things simpler, you can also offer us your target price and we will evaluate it for its feasibility.
Sample Prototyping
Before the product run, a sample will be delivered to our client to ensure their satisfaction. If necessary, adjustments will be made to the prototype so our client will have complete confidence in the quality of the product that they will receive.

Risk Assessment
China is still a transitional country and many processes and systems such as banking are still premature compared to that of North America. As a result, even though the pursuit of lower labor costs in China will definitely bring in high returns, it will also bring high risks. Aussiemas experienced sourcing specialist will help you avoid or minimize these unnecessary risks to ensure your success by facilitating the exchange of information, evaluating the feasibility, assessing the level of risk, and developing control programs to make any transition as seamless as possible.

Production Run and Quality Assurance
The production run will start when our client has seen, evaluated, and approved of the prototype. Aussiemas will implement a quality control procedure to insure the quality of the product. This procedure is built into every step of the manufacturing process through the comprehensive inspection and conformance checks after each critical step in the manufacturing process. All changes in design, process, and package are carefully evaluated for qualification requirements according to both internal and customer -defined quality levels. Rather than focusing on detecting and removing defects after the product is manufactured, emphasis is placed on process quality and improving the production process with the goal of preventing defects before they occur. The Aussiemas Inspection Team in Yiwu certifies that it does not currently, nor has it ever, ship products containing detected discrepancies.

Information CollectionClients shall provide all necessary information on the products and we will seek and identify the potential buyer.
Accompanying Order
Assist in client order and provide advisory services to support client; seeking potential supplier or business partner.

Order Tracking
Provide client with current information on status of the order and shipping delivery.

Quality Control
We shall inspect the goods prior shipment.
Our clients call us for all needs, whether for major strategic sourcing challenges or operational sourcing. They look to us for honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice. In order to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in performance of their China sourcing solutions, our senior specialists will dissect their requirements and draw on our internal or external networks to bring together the right sourcing solutions. We will invest significant resources in evaluating prospective vendors, manufacturers, partners and perform due diligence in the selecting process. We will work directly with manufacturing leaders to develop a sourcing plan and implement them. After all, we want to build enduring relationships based on trust among all parties.

Those who would like to get know our China sourcing ability before starting a strategic relationship with us should have one-product-tryout, so that you can evaluate our China sourcing process.

Labor Intensive Products
One thing that you must be aware of when outsourcing to China is that the price of a commodity such as plastic, metal, etc. is approximately the same anywhere in the world. As such, labor-intensive products and products ordered in large quantities benefit you the most. Aussiemas has an established record of cutting 25%-50% of your current costs on products you are currently producing in other countries.

Vendor Matching / Competitive Bidding
We first analyze our clients' specific needs and choose three capable manufacturing facilities from our manufacturing network. Aussiemas will assess each facility and choose the most appropriate vendor to ensure a smooth and cost-effective outsourcing transition. Our intimate knowledge of these manufacturing facilities will enable us to get our clients the lowest pricing while still maintaining the quality standards you demand. This strategy not only saves our clients an additional 10% in manufacturing costs but also selects most capable manufacturer for the job.


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