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Wholesale Jewelry / Custom Jewelry

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Wholesale has become a popular way to make a full or part-time income today, and many more people are looking to take their first steps in this world. With many signing on for this style of entrepreneurship, it is important to learn how to set your own business apart from the crowd. To ensure your wholesale business is effective, concentrate on three basic components: product, customer service and marketing. When these three factors are working for you, your entire operation is more likely to succeed.

Finding a reliable, quality wholesale supplier for your product is imperative to the success of your business. There are three basic types of wholesale suppliers to choose from:

Light Bulk Wholesalers – These wholesalers will ship smaller orders, but usually offer goods at standard wholesale prices.
Liquidation Wholesalers – These companies specifically work with overstocks and clearance items, offering them at prices well below standard wholesale.
Import Wholesalers – These suppliers import wholesale goods from other countries and then sell and distribute the merchandise locally.  Their prices will be higher than purchasing directly from the manufacturers overseas, but they have smaller order minimums.
While you want to choose a supplier with price in mind, this is usually not the first factor to consider in your selection. It is important to find a supplier that is consistent in terms of quality, service and shipping to ensure you get the right products when you need them. To find quality wholesale suppliers, peruse our forum to see what companies other wholesale businesses are using for their goods and services.

Customer Service

To ensure an effective wholesale business, customers must be the top priority. This begins with a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and makes ordering a breeze.

Once customers have found your business, it is also important to make yourself accessible to their questions and problems through your website, email and phone. Keeping customers up to date on your latest products and promotions is a great way to keep them in the loop and increase future sales.
Marketing & Pricing

Even the best products and service won't amount to much if customers cannot find your wholesale business on the Internet. It is worth the time and effort to learn basic online marketing principles, from SEO to customer testimonials on your website.

Email communication with your customer is another useful tool that keeps them up to date on new products and alerts them to special promotions you might be running. Thanks to the many wonderful marketing tools available today, you can build a robust customer base for your wholesale business with relatively little capital up front.

Another important part of marketing your wholesale business is pricing. Taking the time to research what other companies are charging for similar goods or services ensures you remain competitive in the marketplace. It also helps you find a niche with your customer base; for example, you might offer lower shipping costs or 24-hour customer service.

An effective wholesale business takes time and research to develop and build. It is important to do your homework in regards to finding a supplier, providing top service and getting the word out about your business. With these basics in mind, you will be on your way to creating a profitable wholesale business that is competitive in the market and popular with your target customer base.

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