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If you would like to look for the good suppliers, the best way is to attend the Canton fair, then make the business trip to visit the supplier.

The suppliers on the fair are more authenticated,more reliable, more strength.

As the suppliers have to pay the government a high fee for getting a booth and spend a lot of money for preparing their booths and products.

You can see and evaluate their products in the booth with your own eyes, you can see their latest products, you can talk to their salesman face to face and feel their attitude about the services and knowleage about the products. Most of your questions can be answered on the spot immediatly. The communucation is direct and efficient. (you even have a chance to get to know their company supervisor or department manager)

If the exhibitor has big and superb decrorated booth in the fair, it means the exhibitors are more powerful, they can be big or famous factories in China.

(For your information, I accompanyed one of my buyers came to the fair and he found out the factory for the products he bought from a trading company in his country. He said he was looking for that factory for years. I think he will earn big profits later on.As he was very happy and excited when he found it out.)

When you find out some proper factories, you can consider to pay the visit to the factory after the fair.  The factory visit may prove that the factory is reliable and proper. Or maybe it is different from what you feel in the fair. I will give an example in my next post later-- Company visiting is necessory before ordering.

Good luck and enjoy your purchases in China!            

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