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Wholesale Jewelry / Custom Jewelry

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Jewelry DIY

You can save money and have fun making your own jewelry.
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You have an eye for fashion and enjoy the craft. Have you noticed that the jewelry is sometimes too expensive in stores. Why spend the extra money to customize? You can save money and have fun, to make your own jewelry.

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Things we have to prepared

jewelry, such as fasteners, connectors collar, yet the parties, Headpins, crimped wire or accounts
jewelry wire cutters
Storage containers
jewelry pliers
Jewelry ideas

Find out what kind of jewelry you want to perform. Write down your ideas and sketches of their designs in a sketchbook. Look at the jewels in the magazines. Go to the ship to see sample handmade jewelry. Visit museums and get inspired by art and historical jewels. You can find inspiration in nature for a walk. Keep the photos and magazine clippings in a file folder or scrapbook for future reference. Bring your sketchbook everywhere and sketch your ideas as they come to thee.
Make a jewelry making class to learn techniques and find out what types of supplies. You can find jewelry making classes at local stores jewelry supply, the YMCA and community colleges. Online courses are another way to learn skills for making jewelry.
Designate an area in your home workspace. Jewelry making requires lot of supplies that take up space. You also need a space to spread out and work on projects of your jewelry. Find a comfortable, well lit home for jewelry design and store supplies. Create a large table that allows you plenty of room for numerous projects. Get a chair that supports your back.
Find a good source of jewelry supplies. These stores may be listed as "stores the accounts." Do not just local suppliers. Search online jewelry stores. Many online retailers offer discounts for bulk grain. Shop around for the best quality and price.
Buy quality accounts and tools. Buy local jewelers will allow you to examine accounts, components and tools in person. Online, you will have to rely on the item description and photo published by the merchant. Ask an instructor of jewelry making class for recommendations of places to buy quality beads and supplies. Find out if they recommend certain brands of tools such as wire cutters and pliers.
List the type of jewelry supplies you need for your jewelry projects. Look through a catalog of jewelry before going to the store to make your supply list. Common supplies include making jewelry beads, wire, thread, cord, jewelry pliers, jewelry wire cutters, crimp beads and clasps. Gain an understanding of the components you need for your project before you buy. Components you need for a type of jewelry are called findings. " Typical findings are earrings earrings, wire ear hook, ear clutch cable or lug nuts. A variety of results necklace and bracelet are available. You can choose from many different styles of pendants, pins and connectors. Brooches need of supports. You can buy a stage of a ring or make your own.
Keep making supplies organized jewelry storage containers. You will be able to work more quickly and find the beads and components you need if you are organized. jewelry stores have special storage containers with small compartments for beads and findings.
Set a schedule to make jewelry so you have time daily or weekly to work on projects. This may be your time to relax and be creative.

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