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Tips to tie a necktie

Diamante Necktie    rhinestone necktie

Tie a Necktie

Diamante Necktie    diamante necktie

Tips to tie a necktie
Whether the church, a wedding, funeral or special event, a tie is the finishing touch to any demand. And everyone has to wear a suit at some point in their lives. With so many choices in fabric, design and shine out there, ties need not be a boring black or navy blue. Therefore, to expel all the clips in the bonds and the tying of a real!

Diamante Necktie    silver rhinestone tie

Things we have to prepare

Rhinestone Necktie    gold rhinestone necktie

Put a noose around his neck and make sure it is free of wrinkles.

Rhinestone Tie    rhinestone chain tie

Bring the wide end of tie under the narrow end.

Crystal Necktie    jewelry tie

Pull the narrow end of the tie through the media (above) and get to the front.

Rhinestone Necktie    rhinestone necktie

Take the narrow end behind the widest part.

Rhinestone Tie    rhinestone tie necklace

Now take the narrow end and push it through the loop you created in the back.

Rhinestone Tie    diamante necktie

Tighten the knot, but not too tight that it does not choke!

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