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Using a slide buckle on adjustable bra straps

Buckle slides can shorten or lengthen a bra for a custom fit. The on a support bra cups and the rest on the shoulders. The sliding adjustment of the of the garment manufacture meet the highest form of the body with the necessary pressure on both sides. Make adjustments belt fasteners for better fit and appearance.

Adjust the belt buckle slide, while the bra is off. Most slide pointers in the back of the , which is exceptionally difficult to achieve while wearing a bra. Trial and error can make adjustments repetition.

Slide the adjuster to the back to drop a , front to tighten one. Many buckle slide cling tightly to the fabric to keep the settings and will not slip when pulling. Thread the fabric bra straps on the slide pointers in the desired direction of movement for adjustment. Pull the belt off slider on the other side.

Adjust the fabric bra straps to fit over the shoulders and stay in place. Adjust the straps until they lay flat against your upper chest. Make the fabric tight enough to prevent them from falling to the sides of the shoulders.

Use the slide fastener buckle to fit your shape. Make adjustments as needed to hold the two bra cups look the same size. Tighten the belt on a computer that looks bigger, or loosen the belt on the smaller side to correct any imbalance.

Fabric Bra Straps A black fabric satin bra straps with rhinestone buckle
Fabric Bra Straps A red fabric satin bra straps with heart rhinestone buckle
Fabric Bra Straps A black fabric satin bra straps with round rhinestone buckle

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