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Making your own fabric bra straps

Metal Bra Straps    Detachable bra straps

 -While more women remedy for a broken fabric bra straps to throw everything and go bra shopping, others take a more economic approach and make their own new bra straps. The wonderful thing is that you can choose any color and width to coordinate with a particular blouse in your closet, and you can place the bra straps to work with special costumes. You can make new bra straps from many materials such as ribbons and elastic. --stylesupplier 

Metal Bra Straps     

 -Things we have to prepare:
Wire Cutters
measure tape measure
Safety pins
About 4 feet of ribbon or elastic
Sewing machine and thread, or needle and thread in hand --

Decorative Bra Straps    Fashion bra straps

 -Remove the old bra straps. Most braces are attached with a wire ring for support. Use wire cutters to cut the ring and pull it out of the fabric. If the fabric bra straps is sewn to the bra, undo the screw and pull it loose. –stylesupplier 

Decorative Bra Straps    Diamante bra straps 

 -Put on the bra to be repaired. Measure the distance from the front of her bra to the point where the rear where the belt will be attached. If you want to cross the bra straps in the back, as a result. --stylesupplier 

Decorative Bra Straps     

 -Measurement of two pieces of tape according to the length you determined in step 2. Add an inch to the purposes for the seams, then cut the pieces. Angle of your cut a bit, that will keep your ribbon from unraveling. You can also prevent unraveling rub glue on the ends of the bra straps. –stylesupplier 

Push Up Bra Straps     

 -Place the bra straps fastener with safety pins. Try the bra to make sure the new belt in the correct position. Remove the clip. --stylesupplier 

Push Up Bra Straps    Adjustable bra straps

 -Sew the bra straps in the front of the first clip on the top of the cup, and then to the back, three or four inches from the end of the fastener. Do not stitch along the edge of the bra, belt and bra should be perpendicular or inclined at an angle. No sewing at the end of the bra straps, leaving a half inch ribbon belt loose inside your bra to avoid stretch. --stylesupplier 

Push Up Bra Straps   Rhinestone bra straps 

 -Having secured the bra straps in place, otherwise the stitching along the edges of the tapes to keep by tickling or scratching the skin and provide extra grip. Remove the safety pins. --stylesupplier 

Transparent Bra Straps    Transparent bra straps and clear bra straps 

 -Test bra straps. Try the bra and make sure the bra straps are in the position you want, and tight enough to look good, but not slide in easily. If necessary, undo the seam and try again. --stylesupplier 


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