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How to find the fastest selling items on eBay and Amazon

As my opinion, hot products are all the things for the online business. But how to find the fastest selling items on eBay and Amazon? 

Watch this video, you will get all the things you want.

If you find the fastest selling items on ebay and Amazon, but where you can get them?

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This is the video article you watched

Hello everybody, I want to show you how to sell and find the top hot items on eBay and Amazon. So I'm going to go to show you right now, so you probably want to find items are going to sell fast.

And that you just want hurry and you know jessica Lee make a profit and move on something really quick. I'm on Amazon and I looked up just a product here early which is a neck and shoulder massage.

I'm going to show you a couple different methods, and I'm going to go ahead and take this on Amazon a copy this over to eBay follow me here. And I'm going to go into search and there's 95 $89 is more on eBay .

So that means there is some proper there, if you were to take the vitamins from Amazon list it on ebay you would make profit that's drop shipping now that's one way to find out if it I just selling fast.

And if you go over here, you can actually search like blue Amazon you can find a list of different products Blu products. And you can take this title for example this vacuum watch this. When I give you the example right now, so I was going to take a run the product here.

I just did a search for blue Amazon, I'm going to go ahead. And see what's hot on ebay, I'm going to go ahead and paste it over the search bar just like that 12 watchers right here by my actually going to click on the item physically.

And see if any of sold 3 available 9 have sold this looks like it would be a good item to sell as long as there's a profit mark up here and see those people bidding on items, so there's a lot of items that sell really fast on ebay he's got a search dick in finals hide.

And I'm going to give you a list and resource of all the hot items below that are selling fast. If you want like the top 10 list of items that are selling go ahead and check out that resource glove.

And put the link right blows video check it out, and if you want to learn how to drop ship with Amazon eBay, and other sites make profit.And give you some information on that as well.

So this is just how to find out of the self a sunny day go ahead and take a look at it have any questions let me know.

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