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How to drive more and more targeted traffic to your store

We know traffic is very important for an online store, especially targeted traffic. But the question is how to drive more and more targeted traffic to our store?

Watch this video, you will get the answer.

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It's all too familiar story you've created a beautiful online store, and your caring product that you know people love. But the only problem is no one is coming to your store why is that they can be several reasons, but one of them is probably cuz you're not doing a good enough job of actively driving this message that you can use to drive traffic to your online store.

Today send free sample to Instagram influencers, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing channels for ecommerce Merton. In fact a recent study found that Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement than any other social media platform. Additionally using Instagram is great way to drive trafficking awareness to your store especially, if you know how to target influencers how do you do that well a great place to start this with the online program.

Webster let's say want to start a business selling hair products online with her a quick search for hair stylist, I can see were able to pull the following list of popular related hashtags as well as user hair stylist in their usernames for BIOS. The idea here is the street to the results, and try to uncover couch with large followings try two and four counts of 20,000 + fours take a look at their profile pages paying special attention to one that include an email address.

This will typically indicate that they are open to product placements partnerships and advertising opportunities additionally, if a web address is included you can easily navigate their site to look for a contact page to find an email or mailing address keep in mind not every Instagram user with a lot of followers is willing to feature products from other users take a look at the past activities.

And if it's something regularly doing, don't hesitate to reach out, and see if they might be willing to accept some samples, if number to reach out to bloggers and press a great way to drive traffic to your store is by being featured in a blog or mention in the press you don't need to target the biggest and most successful people in fact your chances of getting featured better. If you aint for people with small to medium audiences because you're not constantly bombarded with pictures to find answers in your industry simply head over to Google as an example we searched hair style blog and as you can see there are several blocks dedicated to hairstyle take your time looking for the results to see which blog post regularly on hair products, and featured product reviews another great place to live influential bloggers is on.

YouTube try searching for different keywords like her advice and hair care, then see whether the makers of these videos are regularly posting hair product features are reviews, just like with Instagram you should reach out to see if they're willing to accept the sample your product another tried and true method for getting traffic is landing your business in the press a good starting point to target local news sites community papers. And smaller publication that are specific to your industry pay particular attention to journalists that have written about products into yours are your competitors in the past a great online school.

You can use to find local journalists are writers that cover your area and trust is follower walk in people's Twitter profiles let's say you're trying to find a local journalist in Toronto, we could do a quick search for Toronto journalist and look through the results you can also narrow your results out in keywords specific to your industry email address right in the Twitter bio. So you can easily send them a message we should just keeping your email short and compelling and I'm telling unique story what makes you different and position yourself as a local success story tip number 3 poster store on Reddit the whole the internet hangs out on read it and in addition to its front page which aggravate the most popular content on the web.

There are also thousands of specific subreddits, in fact you can find a subreddit on nearly any subject to find relevant subreddits search feature, and type in your keywords of choice hair products scenario and do a quick search for her advice. As you can see a number of different have been found from her search, let's take a quick look at the female hair by subreddit, there's a lot of discussion on all aspects of hair care you can also take a look at the related subreddits like hair care science curly hair or simply hair.

As we said a lot of nice subreddits out there, once you've located step brother to specific industry look for ways that you can contribute content without coming off this to spam, your sales e this might need some in a blog post you just wrote or linking to a video tutorial you just created In other words try to give and not just take the community will be much more accepting also. It's important to know that you separate it has its own specific rules that are displayed in the panel on the right some sort of stone allow for promotional material, so it's basically posting an ad for your store is not allowed tip number for get friends and family to share are you at that age and all your Facebook friends are posting pictures of their babies isn't it annoying well.

Many people are sick of look at photos of babies, we can probably get away with posting your online store people don't launch business as you often, so we'll probably be quite unique within your circle of friends. We suggest that you reset your friends and family in the target away with personalized messages, don't focus on getting them to buy your products, but instead ask him to share your store with the networks, and reaching out to strangers and if enough of them share you might get some sufficient momentum additionally you can talk about your store in a status update.

But don't post too frequently to avoid irritate in your friends update your personal page with only one business related post add a tip number 5 in gauging on Twitter peoples radar is by actively engaging with them on Twitter here's what you can do first you can generate some follow back, but following people whom you could be interested in your store to do this will head back to follow her walk simply log into Twitter account and search for relevant keywords and people Twitter BIOS and profiles you can then follow these are so you believe would be interested in your store additionally you may want to search Twitter for keywords release your product offerings.

And then look for a chance to help people are add value in a way that doesn't sound like sales pitch in about your product offerings, and be well on your way to building a following of interested people that would be curious to check out your store tip number 6 post featuring people with audiences to send it to them back to reaching out, and connecting two people with audiences bloggers in particular but instead targeting them by sending them a sample of your product.

You do it by writing a blog post about them and then sing it to them in an email or on Twitter you're going to be looking for influencers in your industry anyway so we have to talk people you find and turn that into an easy blog post featuring the most popular Instagram users blogger bloggers and Twitter accounts, for example you could write a top 10 list of the most important hairstyle bloggers you should be following or top 15 Twitter account you should be falling to discover hairstyles in the blog post lift them, and come up with a short blurb describing what they're all about next to them or send it to them in an email try not to be too obvious that you're just trying to get attention and as long as your blog post thoughtful though be flattered.

And if the share with their networks all the better try putting me 6 traffic driving method to practice with your business, and be sure to keep us posted on your progress you looking for more information on starting running your own business.

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