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Logo and trademark is important for the business, especially the online business

I have quite recently assumed control over a little business which is showcased for the most part on the web and I am attempting to overhaul its site and thought about that it is so imperative to have a logo? As of not long ago the organization didn't generally have a name which was obvious.

The organization has been doing admirably with expanding benefits however this year is peaceful so I am taking a gander at various promoting thoughts.

I thought about what number of you little organizations have a logo, in the event that you do, did you make it yourself or inspire somebody to outline it for you?

Amazon seller:
I think if it is just an internet business then I am sure that having a logo on a website is not that important. However, when you start looking at how you communicate to your customers (emails, brochures, invoices etc) and your marketing list you may decide that having a trademark as part of your overall branding helps look more established and professional.
I feel the logo is what represents the company, it's what you see on vehicles / offices / business cards / social media / website etc - I would recommend it.

Ebay seller,
We have one (as you can see) and it's been hugely helpful for us in establishing a brand. People are always commenting on it, so I would recommend getting a graphic designer whose work you like to put some thoughts into it. You can use it on everything from your quotes to your invoices, even as a screensaver on your laptop. A great investment, in my opinion.
Whilst you don't Have to have a logo - I agree with the others that it helps, and it will make building and expanding your brand easier. It also makes it easier for customers to refer you and remember you - so Imo a logo is an unnecessary must!
Personally, I believe that a well designed logo is essential. There's more to a logo than just making it look good. There's actual psychology behind great company logo. The design and colours used can actually help shape how others view your company. Especially the colours used.
I would strongly suggest getting one professionally designed, but be careful with who you choose. There are many out there who will just throw something together. 
The best thing is, with a new company, you can easily re-brand it if you need to.

Wish seller:
As already mentioned if you do get a logo designed, it's a good idea to go for the whole package business cards, letterheads etc. They will match up the designs much better. I personally think if you're thinking about it now to do it sooner rather than later. It will only help enforce your brand. Seems pointless and a missed opportunity to do it later.
For any business that will have an online presence (website/social media/etc) then I'd say a logo is an absolute necessity. So yes, we have a logo :)

Our logo is very simple and to the point. I can't show you it as I don't have 30 posts (doh!).

There's nothing fancy about it, some might argue it's not even a "logo", but if you look at our website, facebook, twitter (etc etc) you'll see how it all plays into our branding. We stick to the same colour schemes and always use the same font so everything remains consistent and reinforces our brand. Well, it's supposed too

online seller:
I think the logo is important for the following reasons:

1. You can cut the logo into a square image to use in Social Media profiles like in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and it will look great. Without a logo you either have to use your own photo or another image.
2. Having a logo is about branding, after seeing it a few times, people will recognize your company by the logo.
3. If you have a beautiful logo, you'll cause a great first impression.

As for the logo design, you can have a good logo made for £50 or so and then I suggest you also do good FB + Twitter header images that include your services. Something that looks really professional is worth the investment because it is a one time investment and you can use it forever.

Don't forget to always ask for the source files when someone designs something for you, make sure you have the logo in Vector format, the file name should end in .EPS or .AI. With that format you can use it for print to make beautiful business cards, brochures, etc.

Ebay sellers: I managed ok for 4 years without a logo. Not one client commented that I didn't have a logo of my own and it didn't stop me getting work.

You should definitely be thinking about branding rather than just a logo. Your branding encompasses everything about your company that makes it unique and identifiable, including your colour scheme, brand tone of voice, visual style, hell it could even be a recognisable song or jingle (think 'Toys R Us' Christmas ads).

A logo on it's own is just a visual device and ultimately has very little impact on your day to day business. It's what that logo represents, what people think about your company when they see your branding or hear your jingle that's important.

Without knowing what your business is and who your market are, it's hard to give a definite yes/no answer to "do I need a logo?" but if you're mainly marketing via the internet, I'd say some form of visual identity is important.

I'd avoid having a go at designing a logo yourself unless you're actually designer, and I'd also avoid paying someone £50 for one, unless you want you company to look like a £50 business. You could do more harm than good by cheapening the image of your company with a cheap logo.

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