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What is the best marketing options for a startup with no budget? 

Around 2 months prior with £800 I began www dab recoilsports dab co spot uk which offers my own particular marked top notch boxing glove. I've spent around £200 getting the site up and running and the lay on stock. So far I've just sold a modest bunch of gloves, I've fundamentally been publicizing on online networking, facebook and I ran a trial adwords crusade which because of my financial plan was pointless. I have given away about portion of my stock to warriors to attempt and assemble audits and activity recordings in an offer to manufacture mindfulness.

I have arrangements to accomplish financing to build the extent by including more hues and a master glove additionally however until that happens I have to get a few deals. I can't visit boxing exercise centers straightforwardly as I work all day and have a 4yr old girl and the vast majority of them are now tied into since quite a while ago settled contracts with the huge players of the business.

In spite of the fact that I'm mindful its close difficult to market and assemble a brand with no financial plan, do you have any recommendations which may expand deals and brand mindfulness? I'm on eBay and amazon which are both for all intents and purposes non existent with respect to deals. I think wholesale would be a solid street to investigate and I may take a gander at procuring a sales representative with great industry contacts.

Ebay seller:
adwords is great if you have a lot of money to burn intially, as it can take a lot of testing and money until you can get a return on your investment. If you don't have much money the best form of marketing is content although you will need a lot of time and also a good amount of knowledge of your niche and customer demographic.

One of the most important things I would say is choosing the right marketing channel for your niche which will depend on the research you do.

As an example of content let's say you do you research and find a large part of your target market are on a Facebook (most are) look at other Facebook pages related to boxing and do something similar but better, it could be funny boxing videos/ news and videos of upcoming fights/ tips or just about anything once you build your page and followers then you can start promoting your own site and offers the main thing is offering value first.

Amazon seller:
I box a bit, nothing major, but I've had a few fights. 

Who are you aiming these gloves at? 

I like the look of your gloves but can buy a pair of gloves for the same price or a bit cheaper from one of the big boys - and as shopclick points out above, I can choose the colour I like.

As your brand is unknown, you need to make it known and get your gloves out there in gyms, so people see their mates wearing them and consider them themselves.

You could offer gyms commission on any sales they make for you.

Otherwise Facebook advertising is a cheap way to promote your business. Maybe run a competition to like your page and share your post to enter - with a free pair as a give away? 

Wish seller:
I'm going to be brutally honest here and tell you that you've made some big mistakes in your business planning. I have spent the last 12 years selling sporting apparel online, so I have some background on the challenges you face.

The number one mistake you made was trying to be different in the colour scheme of your only product. Google image search 'boxing gloves' and you might see my point. What I see, is a sea of red. Red being the most popular colour for boxing gloves in the UK. There's a reason for that. It's average, normal, acceptable, mainstream, any number of words which mean, I'm not a show-off and I don't want to stand out and look like a prat.

There's a particular product range that I market which is produced by 8 major manufacturers and comes in a massive range of colourways, from black right through the colour spectrum to fluro. If we didn't stock the full range and only sold the fluro colourways, the site owner wouldn't have a business and I wouldn't have a client. The flashy colours only sell to a very limited number of customers who are either very good at the sport or those who don't care what people think. The fluro colourways make up about 5% of sales in that product range.

The colour scheme you chose, whilst being visually spectacular is going to limit the number of people they will appeal to, so you've put yourself behind the eight ball from the word go. The fact that you have tried eBay & Amazon without success and I have seen your gloves on eBay's Shopping feed, tells me that they don't have wide ranging appeal. Exposure isn't going to help at this stage of your business. That's why I told you Adwords would waste your money in a previous thread. My advice at this point is - do not spend any more money bringing customers to your website.

You mention funding to increase your product range but you don't mention funding for marketing. All the stock in the world won't help if nobody sees it. That is probably the single biggest mistake newcomers make. When you are choosing new stock, look at what is selling, do your research, don't try to be different for the sake of being different. Find out what people are buying and why they make that decision, then think about how you can influence that decision. Breaking people's buying habits is the toughest element when launching new products and it's expensive. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of money to make in-roads into an established marketplace. How you spend that money is crucial and you should learn as much about bringing products to market as you can, before you spend anything on marketing.

I suspect that wholesaling your product will bring the same result as eBay or Amazon, but you will make less on any sales you do get. You are not ready for that.

My advice to you at this stage is to learn as much as you can about SEO, Social Media Marketing & Paid Advertising as you can, prior to purchasing any more products. When obtaining funding, make very sure you have enough to market the products you are buying.

I think if you go about building your brand the right way, you can more than likely make a success of it. Diversity in your product range is key for the sports apparel/equipment sector.

Lazada seller:
1) You can print out information leaflets (additional discount) and leave them in the boxing gyms (you can also hire somebody to do this for you). Awareness +, sells - probably +
2) Spend more time on the targeting of advertising on Facebook . Create an interesting, inspiring creation with energetic , bright graphics. 
3) Perhaps loyalty cards for boxing clubs ?
4) Open the blog for boxers. What information can search for such people ?
5) Create a landing page. Promote it. Collect leads. Then - try e-mail marketing with interesting newsletter and promotions. 
6) Try to take care of the SEO of your website (here, the costs may be high)
7) If you have enough resources , you may try to appear at boxing fairs / events?

In my opinion , when it comes to SEO / SEM , you better hire an agency , because otherwise you can waste a lot of money.

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