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How China rookie seller promote listing to TOP 20 on amazon

Share some experience of my chinese friends,amazon sellers, that how they promote listings into TOP 20 on amazon.(almost rank in the 1 page including the sponsored )
First of all, a factory wholesale supply with reliable quality and competitive price is necessary. No more nonsense here

The ways of promotion?
1.Sponsored listings
More and more sponsored listings and amazon basic lisings is showing up and edging in the front, supported by abundant funds and resources integration. However, most of sellers have nothing to do with it. Pass by.
2.The paid reviews
They usually send their loyal customers something free of charge or some surprise in holiday, asking customers to write 4 or 5 stars reviews with pictures and praise,,,,,i am sure you know what i mean. Higher stars reviews both in products page and amazon operation background are essential and fatal to the store..more important than sales volume for sure.
Such as 'i bought a pet cooling mat weeks ago, My baby dog love this cooling mat so much and spending his all day on it including meal time"

3.Increase their sales volume
By related selling,price-off promotions and so on
4.Gather traffic from SNS
Such as FB,Twitter,Google+,linkedin,Pinterest,instagram,Flicker..........thsoe benefit them a lot..
5.FBA is the last but important
Without FBA, amazon doesn`t give you attention(a shit ) ,LOl
Hope the above advice can give you a little inspiration.
Thanks for your time!

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