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Whether a brick and mortar store or an online store front through eBay or Amazon Marketplace, operating your own business can be lucrative and offer great rewards for becoming your own boss. But where do you get your products to sell?
Starting with China

Given the exchange rate and low cost of production in China, most retailers source their goods from Chinese manufacturers.  You can also tap into this market and find a product supplier, but you have to know where to look. The good news is that even though China may be nowhere near where you live and operate your business, the internet has made it easy to set up a China supplier and ship products anywhere.

First, you need to assess your needs for specific products.  Will you specialise in one type of product or carry several different lines?  Or are you still shopping around yourself for product ideas? If you know exactly what you want, you may be better suited looking for a directory that lists China manufacturers who make that product and sell them directly. If you are looking to buy a variety of items, you may do better business dealing with China suppliers wholesale.
How to Find Reputable China Suppliers

However, where can you find a trusted China supplier online? There are many online wholesale directories that do not offer the best deals for retailers, and some are outright scams. To get a trusted China supplier, start with a trusted directory.

One good directory is Alibaba.com. Alibaba has products from around the world, and you can find plenty of China suppliers in this single location. Check the “Gold” status of suppliers listed in the Alibaba directory to find only the ones who have undergone extensive qualification, authentication, and verification. Avoid trying to source branded goods, such as designer clothing and high end electronics from China, as such sources do not exist in quantity.

Another trusted online directory of China suppliers is EC21.com. EC21 offers premium services that help you get priority listings from verified clients and suppliers. This company conducts extensive credit checks on China suppliers and lets you know whether they are a legally registered business.

While these two resources are reliable, they are not the only ones. You might also want to peruse Made-In-China.com and GlobalSources.com.
Initiating a Business Relationship

When you find potentially suitable China suppliers, contact them and utilise your first interactions to determine if the company is a suitable fit.  Does the company have representatives on staff who can communicate well with you?  Are their communications timely?  Do they have a sample policy?

Your retail business success depends on the decisions you make. Be sure to conduct your research on China suppliers and manufacturers. Set up reliable relationships, and then you will have a solid basis for your continued business success.

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