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Ever since the human race began walking on two feet, they have looked for a place to sell goods and services.  While our days of operating street markets may not be over, the Internet has opened a plethora of other opportunities for people to profit selling goods and services.  At the top of the internet marketplace food chain are two outstanding leaders: eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

However, what are the differences between the two? How does eBay outshine Amazon Marketplace? How does Amazon Marketplace take the lead over eBay? Here is a closer look at the two online markets and how you can determine which one might be better for your selling needs.

Listing Procedures

Both eBay and Amazon Marketplace have listing procedures for your product. Expect to go through a great deal more detail for eBay, however. You’ll need to upload photos of your product, write descriptive details about it, explain shipping terms, mark reserve prices, and shape it all around a visually pleasing format. Of course, this all gives you great flexibility for designing your own sales spot.

However, if you just want to put a well-known product on the market, you can do it with ease with Amazon Marketplace. All the descriptive and photo work is already done. You just tell them your price and shipping options, write a few words on the item’s condition, and you’re done.
Fees and Expenses

Both marketplaces charge fees for selling products, but eBay charges you upfront when you list an item, as well as takes a small cut when you sell. Amazon Marketplace has no listing fee, but does take a larger cut of your selling price.


If you’re in a hurry to sell a product, eBay is a better market. You can set up an auction to end in a matter of days, or even invite people to “buy it now.”

On Amazon Marketplace, your listing is good for 60 days and easily renewable. However, without an ability to actively invite people to the listing, it could be months before someone clicks to buy your product.

Average Sale Price

In terms of getting more money for your items, you will likely score higher with Amazon Marketplace. Buyers tend to be more affluent and appreciate quality items, while eBay shoppers are looking for the lowest price and best deal.
Collecting Payments

Amazon Marketplace collects all the payments for you. Then twice a month, they will deposit your funds into the bank account you set up with them for no additional fees. If a buyer doesn’t pay, your item goes right back on the market.

With eBay, you have to set up payment terms for your buyers, track all your auction sales, send invoices, and send payment reminders.  When money is finally transacted, it is tied up in escrow until the item is received by the buyer or a specific timeline expires. However, the positive aspect about eBay payments is that when money transactions are finalised, they can be immediately available through your PayPal account.

There are plenty of good reasons to use eBay and Amazon Marketplace.  The choice simply depends on what your business needs are and how hard you are willing to work or wait, but both can be very lucrative for any online merchant.

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