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When you are planning to launch a business, it can be challenging to launch a start-up marketing campaign on a very limited budget.  However, marketing is essential for attracting customers to your business and building a loyal client base.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to let the public know about your company. We have small business marketing advice that will help you make the most of those few advertising dollars available.

Use Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are probably one of the most effective business start-up marketing techniques ever invented. By teaming up with a related but non-competitive business, you can pool your resources and small business marketing advice for a more efficient and effective marketing campaign. Link exchanges and shared customer lists are just two ways joint ventures can benefit your company.
Make the Most of Social Networking

You may not be one of the most popular accounts on Facebook or Twitter, but if you don’t have an account with these social media sites, your customers may wonder why. Business start-up marketing often uses social networking to build a customer base and notify customers of upcoming specials and promotions. It’s cheap, easy, and a great way to reach many people in a single swoop.

Write an Article

No matter what you are selling in your business, you can dub yourself an expert in your industry. Whether you start your own blog or publish an article with an online publication, you draw attention to your business with very little expense. You can also incorporate links into your writing to connect people directly with your business. Business start-up marketing commonly uses e-zines and other online venues for this purpose.

Use Email Marketing

Effective email marketing is one of the best pieces of small business marketing advice you will ever receive. This strategy costs little and can reap good returns for your effort. The key to effective business start-up marketing through email blitzes is the ability to track your results and progress, so you know what works best. Use email marketing for newsletters, advertising specials, or to introduce to new products quickly, cheaply and effectively.
Grab Ideas from Others

The best small business marketing advice you find will undoubtedly come from other entrepreneurs that have learned the ropes of business start-up marketing by doing it themselves. These individuals have already been through the process of trial and error, and they know what has worked and what hasn’t. Go to forums and blogs that feature other business owners who have found success in their own businesses and use their strategies to help your company succeed as well.

Business start-up marketing will make all the difference between a new business that grows at a slow and steady clip and one that fizzles before it even has a chance to get started. By heeding small business marketing advice from entrepreneurs who have already found successful strategies, you can move right into effective business marketing that costs little but reaps big returns.  Peruse this thread of marketing ideas for more inspiration and small business marketing advice you can use.

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