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Owning a small company or being self-employed brings a number of issues to the table. Fortunately, the United Kingdom is such a hotbed for entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals that we have the opportunity to enjoy the guidance and protection of companies such as the Federation of Small Business (FSB).

Many nations do not benefit from such organizations that are there to ensure you are treated fairly and with respect. With the protection that the FSB provides, the business philosophy in the United Kingdom will continue to thrive and provide jobs across the board for the British people.
Federation of Small Businesses FSB
About The FSB

Formed in 1976, the Federation of Small Business (FSB) has been campaigning on behalf of the self-employed and small businesses. They cover 33 regions in the UK, with 230 branches and over 215,000 members. This non-profit organization owns a mission statement that states, “A community that recognises, values and adequately rewards the endeavours of those who are self employed and small business owners within the UK.”

What the FSB Does For You

The FSB protects and serves the interests of their small business and self-employed members by lobbying and applying pressure on MPs and the government while presenting the FSB viewpoint to the media. They provide their members with a range of services that promote the best interests of its members, protects its members and ensures to publicise the benefits of business ownership and the self-employed. The FSB’s vision is “A community that recognises, values and adequately rewards the endeavours of those who are self employed and small business owners within the UK.”

The FSB is a union, because small businesses and the self-employed fall outside the brackets of the standard working unions that protect workers from unscrupulous employers. Small businesses and the self-employed need protecting more than anyone because they actually provide jobs for the British public and keep the economy ticking over, especially in times of financial and political turmoil.
How Do You Benefit From the FSB?

The FSB provides its members with a wealth of services and protection to ensure you are never fighting alone. All small businesses and the self-employed should consider joining the FSB for the following reasons:

They provide sound legal advice from qualified lawyers everyday and hour of the year
Tax help and advice from HMRC trained specialists
Tax protection
They provide you with advice and information regarding health and safety, employment laws, tax and commercial laws
Provide custom-made legal documents in MS Word documents
Providing full insurance coverage for legal defence against employee disputes
During a time when there are more self-employed and small businesses than ever before in the United Kingdom, it is nice to know that the Federation of Small Business (FSB) is there to protect your best interests. Providing support to these companies is an important task, as they should be protected at all times to ensure our economy moves in the right direction. Small businesses should take heed of their advice and become a member in the near future.

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