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Customize Rhinestone Belts from Yongle international
  rhinestone chain belts
Nothing says quite glamorous and rhinestone belts, rhinestone sparkling, but many belts are sold in stores are too generic or characteristic words or designs that do not suit every personality. The solution is to tap your inner goddess glue and get to work making a masterpiece of a rhinestone-of-a-kind. More products www.stylesupplier.com
  cowboy Rhinestone chain belts
The things we've prepared for
Belt made from any smooth material
Fine Point permanent marker
Sticky Glue
  timing Rhinestone chain belts
Mark your design on the belt. With permanent marker, draw the words or designs you want on the belt. If you are using multiple colors in the design, use different colored markers. More products www.stylesupplier.com
  woman Rhinestone chain belts
Paste the stones on top of the lines drawn. Place a drop of tacky glue on the drawn line and press the rhinestone on the adhesive. The bead must be large enough to reach around the edges of the stone when it is pushed down. More products www.stylesupplier.com
  western rhinestone chain belts
-Fill in the design. If there are areas of your design you want to fill with rhinestones, do it now using the same method as in step 3. Begin filling large areas in the center, working to ensure a spacing of stones.
Let stand for 24 hours before use. www.stylesupplier.com    

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