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Rhinestone cup chain necklace DIY at home
 Wedding Necklace
Make a rhinestone cup chain necklace
Rhinestone cup chain necklace DIY at home
Rhinestone cup chain is a plant of the genus Cannabis growing in popularity because it can be used to do many things. industrial chain rhinestone cup chain can be used for thousands of things, such as seed oil rhinestone cup chain, clothes or even paper. Try a rhinestone collar cup of some string and see for yourself how versatile it is. Follow these steps to make a necklace rhinestone cup chain - a great gift for friends.

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We have prepared the things we need:
Ball rhinestone cup chain
Used Jewelry

 -Measure the length of the neck and multiplied by twelve.
Cut a strand of the length of a chain of balls of yarn rhinestone cup.
Repeat this process for another chapter of the same length.
Fold two strands in the top half of his left index finger.
Make an overhand knot.
Making the Collar

 -Secure the loop of the knot under a heavy object like a table or chair leg, to keep them in place as you pull on the four lines free. www.stylesupplier.com
Separate the four free chapters into three sections, with one wire left, a single strand of the right and two lines in the center.
Take the line from the left and pull it diagonally to the left. Using a finger of his left hand to hold it, create a set of four (4), laying the end of the string through the two strands of the medium.
 -Take the right line and place it on top of the line from the left and right sides of the wireless medium. Pull the same string at the point where the other two sections are and the center of the figure four.
Pull the string tight on the left with his right hand and right chain taut with your left hand (ensuring that the central section remains tense all the time). This will make a lump just below the knot that keeps the two strands together.
Repeat, always beginning with the spring that are on the left.
 -Tying off
Repeat this process until the collar is as long as you want it to be.
Tie a knot at the end of the collar to contain all the threads in place.
Divide the strands so that there are two sections of two threads. Tie a knot in each of these sections of about 1 ½ inches below the lowest node.
 -Cut yarn remain free of the two sections with knots.
Use of these two sections with knots and the initial loop to tie the necklace around his neck.

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