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Tips On Using A

Purse Hanger

Foldable Purse Hanger
What do you do with your purse when you go to eat? Have you placed over the lap (uncomfortable) or an empty chair, hanging from his chair back on the table, put it in the ground? There is a better way. Read on to learn how to use and where to find handbag hangers.
Foldable Purse Hanger
a bag

Purse Hanger

Ronda, folding type.
Use a Foldable Purse Hanger in a fancy restaurant, a bar, a dining mom and pops, use them everywhere. Perhaps you've seen, but did not know what they were?

Purse Hanger

Folds flat!
Choose one of the many styles available. You will see in the picture is a simple style with a mirror on top (useful after lunch) and the rubber backing on the back to keep the bracket in place.
Please note when using a holding the head of the suspension swivels so that you can fold flat to put in your bag. For 95 cents you can buy the velvet bag to keep it in.

Purse Hanger

Top view
Use a Foldable Purse Hanger in the bag to safely hold a bag weighing up to 20 pounds. Try, if you want before using in public. I have, and the rack works great.
Now that you know how to use a Foldable Purse Hanger, do a search online or see the following link. There are several sites, which is the company I used.
Guys, if you are buying an expensive purse for his wife, this is ideal because no woman wants to sit his beautiful bag on the floor!

More information you are always welcome to visit www.stylesupplier.com.


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