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Headbands DIY

 -Making Headbands Tips
headbands are popular and fashionable, but can be difficult to find a headband exactly to your taste. Fortunately, you can make headbands while having fun. Headbands can even be done at home without any sewing involved.
There are many ways to make
headbands. Here are several ways to make tapes that are quick and simple and require no sewing. www.stylesupplier.com

Wedding Headbands    Rhinestone Wedding Headbands

Things we have to prepare
Simple thin plastic
Woven ribbon of your choice
Sewing Elastic
Hot glue gun
Glitter pen
Paint pen

Wedding Headbands    Crystald Bridal Headbands

 -Create a simple loop around the band
Follow these simple steps to create an alliance
headbands around simply and easily using just a simple piece of tape.
1. Take a long piece of cloth tape - at least 1.5 times the length of the head. (The tape can be or any fabric, texture, color and width)
2. Pull the tape around her head
3. Tie a bow at the nape of her neck
4. The long ends of the
headbands run for the top of his neck or cut the ends of the tape if the tape does not want to show beyond headbands
5. For added flair, tie the ribbon on the side of the head (ear) instead of at the nape of her neck
TIP: Store in many styles and colors or ribbons and use this method to quickly create a ribbon that matches any outfit you wear.

Wedding Headbands    Ribbon Wedding Headbands

 -Create a color triple tie around headbands
Follow the same step 1, but instead of using a tape, braid three strips together. It is best to use 3 thin films. Simply braid together and tie them in the neck or on the side of the head. If you are wearing a different color with a few, this is a great way to tie your whole look together. www.stylesupplier.com

Wedding Headbands    Ribbon Bridal Headbands

 -Create a simple elastic headbands
1. Take a piece of elastic and pull it around his head until the elastic is snug and a little tight
2. Tie elastic at the nape of her neck with a rope or knot
3. With a pencil or marker, mark the elastic in the elastic meets the bottom of each ear
4. Measure the length of elastic from one brand to another (made in step C).
5. Ribbon cutting about 1 inch longer than the length measured in Step D.
6. Tuck approximately 1 / 4 - 1 / 2 inch at each end of the tape and use hot glue gun to secure it in place. This will ensure that the ribbon does not fray at the edges.
7. Take your piece of tape and using a glue gun, glue the rubber from a brand (made in step C) and ending at the other.
8. Decorate the headband with sequins, glitter, paint, bows, etc.
TIP: If you plan on using the headband often tie the elastic in an arc, so you can easily adjust, as it stretches.

Diamante Headbands    Diamante Headbands

 -Create an easy and cheap plastic decorative headbands
For a band that takes the shape of the plastic head, use the following steps:
1. Buy a cheap plastic tape base, no frills, tape or coating material.
2. Run a piece of cloth tape along the headband (at the bottom of one end to the top, and down the bottom of the other end.)
3. Extend the tape about an inch beyond the length of the headband (Step B) and cut.
4. Tuck about 1 / 2 inch of tape on one side of the headband and secure with a glue gun.
5. Using glue gun, continue to face to the headband and the tail of the tape to the top of the band throughout its length.
6. When you reach the end of the tape, cosmetic surgery of the remaining tape underneath and secure with glue gun.
7. Decorate the headband with sequins, glitter, paint, bows, etc.


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