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Use jewelry beads to make a Buckyball

 Bucky Balls Neodymium Magnets    buckyballs

-A buckyball is the nickname of a single molecule of buckminsterfullerene, a very strong three-dimensional structure made of carbon atoms formed in pentagons, hexagons, or a combination of both. Buckyballs are a lot like soccer balls and was named by famed architect Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic dome design. The simplest form of buckyballs is a 12-sided figure called a dodecahedron, which will be familiar to anyone who has ever played Dungeons & Dragons d12 with a die. Learn to make a hollow ball beaded jewelry is simple and easy project, and the resulting accounts buckyball is a smart gift for any fan of physics (or RPGs). www.stylesupplier.com

 Neodymium Sphere Magnets    neodymium magnets

Things we have to prepare
60 round beads
Bead wire (sized to fit to the accounts)

 Neodymium Sphere Magnets    buckyball magnets 

Use jewelry beads to make a Buckyball

String of five beads on a length of beading wire. Thread the wire around the beads to form a pentagon. Twist wire ends together tightly, making sure to keep intact the pentagonal shape, then trim the excess wire with pliers.

 Bucky Balls    neodymium magnets

Using the remaining five grains at a time, making a total of 12 pentagons.

 Bucky Balls    buckyball magnet

-Place one of the pentagons of accounts on a flat surface. This will be the center of a sort of flower shape with five other pentagons as petals. Place the first "petal" to the central pentagon, lining both sides of pentagons and connect with a small length of cable. www.stylesupplier.com

 Bucky Balls    buckyball sphere

-Continue doing this for each side of the pentagon center to form a flat flower shape.
Place each petal by petal on his side with a short loop of wire. This will make a cup of three dimensions that covers half of the buckyball.

 Buckyballs Toys    Neodymium balls

Follow steps 3 and 4 for other accounts pentagons to form another cup of three dimensions that make up the other half of the buckyball.

 Buckyballs Toys    Neodymium Sphere

-Carefully place the two halves to form a buckyball everything in three dimensions. You'll notice the edge of each cup is locked in place with the other. Place the two halves with wire at every point where the touch halves. www.stylesupplier.com     

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