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How to create a Facebook Store -Selling on FB for Free

I know there are many people in the world want to learn how to build a Facebook Store to start selling their products or services. Therefore, I take this liberty to write a guide. Hope it can help you.

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1. Go http://www.ecwid.com to register.

2. Create your own Ecwid store, it is very simple. Only need you upload your products or services on it. ( if you do not know, you also can contact us info@stylesupplier.com )

3. Go http://www.ecwid.com/facebook-commerce to  integrate your Ecwid with Facebook.

Below are the steps to integrate your Ecwid with Facebook:

1. Detect your Ecwid Store ID.

  • Log into the Ecwid Control Panel. (Don’t have an account? Sign up for free!)
  • When you log in, page “Dashboard” with section “Getting Started” will appear.
  • Find the Product Browser Widget Code text-box with HTML/JavaScript code in it. This is the Ecwid integration code.
  • Look through the code lines, find this line:
1003” is the Store ID.
Note: you will see another number on your page. Use the number from your page as your Store ID.
Check the screen-shot:
2. Then go to Facebook Developer App. (it’s assumed you already have a Facebook account).
You will see the following form. Click the “Allow” button to let the Developer application access your profile.
3. Add a new application by clicking the “Set Up New Application” button.
4. Give your application a name (for example “Super-duper Store”). Accept the Terms of Service and click “Create Application”.
5. Then you should enter some basic information on your application, upload a logo and add a description.
“Contact Information” and “User-Facing URLs” sections are not mandatory. You can fill them in later
6. We are almost done. Click the “Canvas” link on the left side of the page.
7. Now you should specify the required URL’s.
  • Canvas Page URL — The base URL of your store page on Facebook. For example, “my-cool-store”.
  • Canvas Callback URL — a special URL that will show your Ecwid store. Replace pattern%STORE_ID% with your real Store ID which you got at step #1 in this URL: http://app.ecwid.com/jsp/%STORE_ID%/simple-store#?.
For example:
http://app.ecwid.com/jsp/1003/simple-store#?or http://app.ecwid.com/jsp/1234/simple-store#?
Check the screen-shot:
Change width and size of your application. Choose “Full width (760px)” and “Smart size” options in the “Canvas settings” form.
Make sure that your options look like the ones on this screenshot:
Save the changes. You will see the following page:
8. Click the “View Application Profile” link.
9. That’s it. Your store is ready! PressGo to Applicationto view your Ecwid store.
Any user can now add your Facebook app to his/her profile, use it, purchase items, discuss your store with other users, become its fan, etc.
It was quickly, wasn’t it?

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