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One tree grows more than 40 Kinds of fruit---Amazing

It is really amazing
One tree can grows more than 40 kinds of fruit.
Can not believe


This is the video article you watched

Is a single for tree the cruise over 40 different types including peaches plums apricots nectarines cherries and almonds.

The idea came from just heard a fascination with the process of graphic dr. Seuss and Frankenstein. In just about everything to look for different Fridays stone for eventually.

I was able to find these different varieties, but they were bring them back here to my nursery wrap them under a tree, so that I can continue to use them?

And it first they didn't understand why you would have to go back over and over to continue to harvest, the project is for me always on our project I would really interested in the idea of a hoax in terms of transforms reality.

It was to plant them in locations that once they happen upon these trees and start to question, why are they different colors and then in summer when you would see all of these different fruit growing on them the course in spring when they blossom different colors.

When I first started I just crapped in the branches on blossom slightly different time and Ida treated blossomed all on one side but looked at on the other from that point X rated a timeline of when all these different varieties blossom in relationship to each other.

So I could essentially sculpt how the tree with blossom trees, I keep a map diagram of the tree it takes a really long time and I was at that point I can come in and start to craft on to those branches this for the next year maybe come 1616 becomes 32829 your progress, since we were you doing with this clear plastic is green house around the graft.

And so will do all that helps to graph to you in the first explain it in 2011 and it has the 40 varieties but it'll be about 3 or 4 years before its peak, and then people awesome any other part where it said that I've made these things continuously evolve keep it going for so long is said every year its something new, and when you come out here the trees are all in blossom through kind of an amazing experience also.

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