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How to avoid the Banks and The South Africa scam

The past time I posted on the gathering I was yelled out. Maybe some would start to focus as a consequence of a few things which has improved - and not for anybody.

Firstly, permit me to demonstrate the falsehoods and extortion you have been scholarly by the media and the legislature controlled schools and those valuable simpletons who program you to think the way they need you to think. Hold on for me.

South Africa is not a nation... since who is the establishing country ? South Africa is still a British state, following the 1910 Anglo-Afrikaner UNION.

Inside it's fringes are 5 nations. The Boer Republics, Swaziland, Zululand, Transkei and Lesotho. The Cape has never been guaranteed.

The Boer Republics were globally perceived as the nation of the Boers - the Transvaal were perceived on 17 January 1852 at the Sandrivier tradition, and the Free State on 23 February 1854 at the Bloemfontein tradition. The acknowledgment was finished by Britain, who at the time as of now had 60% of the world as states under their boot, Russia, America, Germany and more nations perceived the Boers and their Republics.

It was simply after gold and precious stones were found that each one all of a sudden had an enthusiasm for the Boer's territory, and the first and afterward the second Anglo-Boer War took after. The Boers did not lose the War, there was a peace settlement marked at Vereeniging - which the British never respected. Rather they made Cape Dutch Afrikaners "Boer commanders" and delegated them responsible for the Afrikaner armed force to lead over the Boers to ensure the Boers don't recover their nation. Jan Smuts was a Cape Dutch Afrikaner, not a Boer, so was Louis Botha. The Afrikaners battled against the Boers in the War as the Royal Scouts.

Universal Law of 1898 expressed that one nation can't administer over another not notwithstanding when vanquished by war. England, Russia and most different nations recognized this global law. This law was dismissed by the British. Freedom Commission Africa composed a protracted archive called A Call to Redress South Africa on the subject which is by all accounts ignored by most.

There were no Africans in the Boer Republics. In the period called the Mfecane, Silkaats of the Zulu's cleaned the territory which later were named the Free State and the Transvaal - of it's tenants. At the point when the Boers touched base, there were no Africans here.

After the 1878 Anglo-Zulu War, the Zulu's needed nothing to do with the British, and declined to work for them. This brought about the British importing Indians from their India province in the 1880's to fill in as slaves in the sugar stick fields - on the grounds that there were no Africans to be mishandled for this. Where else do every one of the Indians in South Africa originate from ?

After the second Anglo-Boer War, the Boers were denied of their ranches and a large portion of them were obliterated in the burned earth approach at any rate, and consequently were compelled to work in the mines under the Afrikaner despot. In 1922 the Afrikaner imported Chinese to supplant the Boers in the mines for less expensive work, and the 1922 strike which came about had the Afrikaner armed force shoot the Boers, as was done as of late in the English Lonmin mine where the Africans were shot to drive them into accommodation. On the off chance that there were Africans to be mishandled as slaves, the Boers would not have been permitted in the mines. Get it ? There were no Africans here. They were however foreign made by the Afrikaner to function as slaves, by the millions, much sooner than the 1994 "takeover" by the ANC. Each one of the 150 to 200 million Africans here has his own particular nation he can come back to.

So at this point you likewise will get the possibility that the Boers and the Afrikaners are not the same. Any one who say something else is a liar. There is a book named Cicel Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners by Mordechai Tamarkin that will plainly demonstrate what the Afrikaner stands for and that they are not Boers. The Pretoria primary library has one duplicate and you need to request that consent read it, in the library. Wonder why.

Since you know who the area has a place with, let us affirm why the Boers never recovered their property. Gold, platinum, copper, coal and a great deal more. I don't think any one has any thought the amount of gold is taken out of here, and it has been continuing for over 100 years. Where is the gold taken, on the grounds that there is nothing here. As far as mineral riches, the Transvaal is the wealthiest nation on the planet, yet the money is 15 times less worth than the bankrupt US$. How might that be ?

One all the more thing you ought to observe is that "South Africa" is not a republic. A republic is an alternate government framework from the English Westminster, the political framework South Africa was administered by under the Afrikaner fascism. It has now been changed to "majority rule government", with not very many individuals notwithstanding understanding what a vote based system truly is. Let me quote.... "Autocracy actually emerges out of vote based system, and the most irritated type of oppression and subjugation out of the most compelling freedom".- Plato (Born 427 BC). Why any one will need a popularity based framework is past me, in light of the fact that in world history there has never been a fruitful majority rule government ever.

I additionally noticed that a few people on the gathering alluded to the "constitution" and their "protected rights". This thing is truly defective, basically in light of the fact that you don't have rights. Firstly you are known as a subject. Google resident and you will take note of the definition is somebody with no rights. This constitution additionally alludes to the "treacheries of the past", which were never tended to. Majority rule government denies of freedoms, a vote based constitution offering rights is ludicrous. The common rights were given by the Creator, not allowed by the legislature, and you have these Rights climate a constitution "stipends" them or not. Do read the quote from Plato once more.

You may not know this, but rather human rights were given a final blow as of now in 1913 and again in 1933 when the English Westminster framework required that a solitary president with the ability to plus or minus life, supreme power over the entire area range and everything and each one else be instated. Why ? So that the entire nation can be directed to through one pawn who will summon the rest. The same union was instated in the UNITED States of America in the meantime. Get it ? Union of South Africa, United conditions of America.

That is on account of the Boers and the Southerners in the US are the same individuals who fled from the Christian indictment out of Europe. This Christian arraignment was one of the principle reasons the Boers began the Groot Trek, they FLED from the Cape Dutch as it was composed in the Paardekraal pledge before the first Anglo Boer War of 1880. This is the reason that if any sic popularity based thing is done here, it additionally completes in the USA, or the other way around.

The 1913 "principle" is imperative to the Afrikaner and the ANC, in light of the fact that it is from that point forward that they guarantee responsibility for Boer's territory, as they were then as of now deceitfully put accountable for the area they stole. The principle made up without anyone else's input is that no history earlier is considered. You should understand that the Afrikaner incorporates the ANC, in conjunction with the just Jewish DA.

Imagery is critical to observe, on the grounds that this shows plainly who are what and who support what. Do observe the Afrikaner bond logo, it is the same six pointed star as the Israeli's, which is the same as the one world request.

Likewise take a gander at the logo of the workplace of the main equity. It has the UN and the EU's leaves around it, a scale in the middle and a sun on top. The one world request equity framework under... Saturn. What does it mean ? Jesus is the present sun. Saturn is connected with satan, called the dull sun, the dim power. The dark robes (bat suits) is worn by religion clerics and those in the equity framework, it speaks to the Saturnalian organization.

Your religion is not what you thought it is. All things considered, too awful, places of worship were banned from the Boer Republics on the grounds that the Boers were not Christians. There was no Jesus. Jesus is sun venerating. Nothing in your book of scriptures is unique, it was stolen by the scholars from existing works that as of now existed, that is the reason the Alexandra library were burned to the ground, so Christians won't discover how they are misled. The Christian religion was begun by individuals, not a sacred phantom, google the Council of Nicea. It was top dog James who approved your book of scriptures form, not god. "The Church" even claims copyright all alone work. Every last church the world over resorts under the mother church, the catholic church. Google the significance of catholic church, it implies a general church, for all. On the off chance that you can't see they are all the same yet, do take note of the manual they all utilization. Note it is not an expectation, it is a manual being taken after to realize a specific result.

Another clarification on the religion misrepresentation. Jesus is the sun (the present one), the sixteenth Jesus in a long line of Jesus's. 17 on the off chance that you number Mandela. Google it. Horus was the past sun god. This religion had it's beginning out of Egypt from the outsiders who constructed the pyramids. This is in the Northern side of the equator, that is the reason, when the SUN is on it's most minimal point from that point on 22, 23 and 24 December, it lifts up one degree on the 25th December. That is the reason Jesus, the light of the world, the sun of god, was dead for three days, and was restored on the fourth day. That is the reason Christians praise the introduction of Jesus on the 25th of December, consistently when the sun is conceived once more. At the point when the sun disregards the equator, Christians do Passover. At the point when the sun is in the most elevated position, the sun is said to be "the most high".

The 12 deciples are the 12 houses in the Zodiac, there are 4 seasons (quarters) in the zodiac, so there are 4 missionaries. Jesus speaks to the season of the fishes, pisces, that is the reason Christians put the fishes sticker on their autos. It's crystal gazing. Nothing heavenly about it. Wake up.

One last. Google it. The pope, the person who claims he speaks to god on earth, ha

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