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36 tools increase your Ebay list and Amazom list selling, you should never miss

Before seen share many resources and tools. Today I for everyone to share some good tools the Reaper hunting today here is for everyone to provide some good sites, the, nonsense not say.

Presentation of
1, Silk: optimized data
As long as the user will be uploaded to the site, Silk can be related to the data in the form of visual presentation.

2,Alerts Google: quick access to the most valuable information
Alerts Google according to the needs of users regularly send related news articles, is conducive to the user to track some news reports, and to reduce the time users access to information.

3,NewsDiffs: follow the changes in post publication articles
NewsDiffs can be traced to online articles published after the change, now mainly including New York Times, CNN and Washington Post and other mainstream media published online news.

4,Research Browser The: Web site dedicated to research and reporting
Research Browser The not only can provide users with the collection and comparison of information services, but also allows users to invite the same project group of friends online discussion.

5,Toolkit Media: anytime, anywhere access to online brand information
Users can get their own attention to the latest information through Toolkit Media anytime, anywhere.

6,Typeform: an online survey of personality and design sense
Typeform has a simple user interface and nearly 20 of the problems in the type of questionnaire. It is worth mentioning that the platform is very personalized, the user experience is better.

- writing class

7,Hemingway makes writing clear and clear.
In Hemingway, the user's long difficult sentence will be used with high light background and proposed to modify the original text in a particular case. In addition, the adverbs and passive sentences are marked in the article, so that the.

8,Grammarly intelligent grammar checker
Grammarly founded by the world famous linguists, can correct more than 250 kinds of grammatical errors, and prompt the text of the grammatical errors and improper use of words.

9,ZenPen to concentrate on writing tools
ZenPen provides online writing service, the interface is simple, there are day and night mode. Only a simple add links, text bold and reference function, help users to concentrate on writing.

- improve efficiency class

10,Trello: task oriented team collaboration platform
Trello is equivalent to a project management system, to the developer as the center. Users can again create tasks, and create a to-do list for the next mission, assigned to the appropriate personnel, and complete the to-do list after the relevant responsible personnel can also state marked as completed. Trello can do team collaboration tools, can also be used as a personal to-do list tool.

11,Calendar: Editorial reasonable arrangements for the calendar to write tasks
Calendar Editorial is a plug-in for Wordpress, which can help users to control the writing arrangement between the articles.

12,Sunrise: very good calendar application
Sunrise is currently the best cross platform calendar service provider, can cross Google, iCloud and Exchange platforms.

13,Slack: set office and leisure in one chat application software
Slack goal is to reduce the use of mail as much as possible, on the one hand to improve work efficiency, on the other hand to narrow the relationship between individuals and customers, individuals and teams.

14,Rapportive: access to other people's LinkedIn information in Gmail
Users use Gmail to view or send mail, you can get the other party's social media information, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and other social networking platform information, Rapportive.

- information class

15,ReadThisThing: send a quality article every day
Registered in the ReadThisThing account, you can get the daily quality of the push.

16,Open Platform: Guardian connection to the British "Guardian" in real time API
Through Open Platform Guardian can get the guardian of all articles since 1999 edition.

17,Reddit: on the Internet, the first major aggregation of news sites
Users in the Reddit to provide quality information, other users will vote on its content, so that all the content of the effective filtering. Users provide quality content and Reddit does not send advertising marketing way, making Reddit unique in the news aggregation platform.

18,Twitter: some people still underestimate the strength of the platform
Twitter is the ancestor of the domestic micro blog, but compared to the micro blog, twitter can't add music, no games, no plug-ins, and more is for the dissemination of public information on topics.

- voice class

19,Transcribe: dedicated to recording interviews with the text editor
Transcribe can slow, stop and play back the recording when the user edits the text. In addition, if you do not want to type, the user can repeat the recording, Transcribe will be its speech recognition, automatically compiled into text.

20,OTranscribe: based cloud storage type collaboration tool
OTranscribe is a typing writing tool based on cloud storage, without the need to install any plug-ins can be recorded online recording content. OTranscribe can also quickly insert the current playback time tag, to facilitate the user to look back at the time point of the statement appears.

21,Audacity: free audio processing software
Audacity is a free audio processing software, with a fool of the operating interface and professional audio processing results.

22,Overcast: simple and powerful Apple podcast app
Overcast provides users with a high quality auditory experience, and a simple and beautiful interface design.

- video class

23,Meerkat: can be related to the Twiiter account of the application of real time streaming media
Meerkat is a real-time streaming media applications, the use of Twitter account associated with the landing. Friends to see the video when the user, you can comment in the Twitter, comments at the same time, Meerkat and Twitter, the user can directly reply to these comments in Meerkat.
Twitter Periscope: acquisition of live streaming media applications
Similar to Periscope, Meerkat is a real-time streaming media application with Twitter.

24,Vine: provides high quality and short video service platform for social networking
Vine launched a short video service in 2013, to provide users with a truly interesting content of social networking platform. Phase compared with the microscopic and second shot, the creation of vine has more creativity is more conducive to build such as Zach King general social celebrities.

- image class

25,Canva: and social platform connected to the online graphic design platform
And similarity domestic beauty tuxiu show the Canva, simple operation and template is rich in resources, is helpful for the users to easily design posters, slides and photo blog.

26,Pixlr: free and powerful online image processing sites
Pixlr is a free online image processing site from Sweden based on Flash. In addition to the operating interface and features close to Photoshop, or multi language version, support for simplified chinese.

27,Kraken: algorithm is very powerful image processing tools
Today, 62% of the site's traffic is used in the brush map, and Kraken is a maximum of the image can be optimized while reducing the quality of the image of the image processing tool.

- mail class

28,Monitor: Campaign efficient email marketing tool
Monitor Campaign is able to make it easier to attract new email subscribers, send nice email messages to users, and achieve good results.

29,TinyLetter: simple operation of the production site
The TinyLetter can automatically adjust the font size and line width, making the presentation in the best state. The site also offers readers reply function, users can understand the reader related information, and communicate with them.

30,Good Emails: Really excellent mail collection
Good Emails Really has a large number of outstanding mail works, to help users learn and learn from.

31,Email 1k: related to the increase of email subscribers course
Email 1K offers a 30 day course for the user, the user how to guide the email subscribers will double in 30 days.
Social media class

32,Storify: social networking platform content aggregation site
Storify is a web site, the different contents of different platforms (including content, video and pictures, etc.) together, and combined into an interesting story.

33,Oneshot: can highlight the text content of the screenshot tool
Through the OneOneshotshot screen picture, can not only cut, but also high light mark on the text. At the same time, Oneshot can also be identified by the image content, to find the corresponding URL.

- SEO class

34,Alexa:'s most popular web site ranking tool
Alexa toolbar is a global web site ranking tool, there are as many as one hundred thousand web site ranking list of the world's Web site. Alexa tool bar can be on some specific industry website ranking analysis, and provide site traffic monitoring report.

35,WooRank: website analysis tool
WooRank will be targeted for visitors, content and search engine optimization and other indicators of the site to score, and provide detailed recommendations for improvement.

36,QuickSprout: online website SEO testing tools
QuickSprout in addition to the site for SEO, speed testing and analysis, but also to analyze its Web site and competitors of the social media, and to provide recommendations.

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