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Yongle International Co., ltd. already has more than 50 styles of rhinestone bra straps, crystal bra straps, metal bra straps, jewelry bra straps, chain bra straps, fabric bra straps,transparent bra straps. And so, the company still keeps adding new items to remain the leader in jewelry bra straps. The newest line of crystal bra straps and metal bra straps adds a stylish and glamorous strap for those more dressy occasions.

bra straps pearls
pearls bra straps

bra straps rhinestone
double row black rhinestone bra straps

bra straps metal
metal bra straps

bra straps rhinestone heart
rhinestone heart bra straps

bra straps jewlery
jewelry bra straps
Crystal bra straps have been added to the line to compliment glamorous looks. There are straps made from many rows of rhinestones, with a total of over 1000 stones in the whole strap. These certainly offer the most sparkle in the crystal line. And also, there are more simple styles offered from the lone of rhinestone bra straps, if you think it is too much. Another option are the sets with just a single row of rhinestones. These are much thinner and have much fewer stones. Though the still provide a very dressy strap, they are a simpler choice for sure.

bra straps heart cross
heart cross bra straps

rhinestone bra straps four row
four row rhinestone bra straps

decorative bra straps
decorative bra straps

bra straps chain
chain bra straps

bra straps rabbit
rabbit bra straps

bra straps single row
single row bra straps
Yongle international Co., Ltd. is an online supplier offering fashion solutions for woman. crystal bra straps are now available that attach to any convertible bra or strapless bra.Decorative bra straps aren't going anywhere, they remain a fashion challenge for every woman. With more and more clothing styles featuring off the shoulder and strapless looks, it becomes more difficult to hide bra straps.Yongle international Co., Ltd.  is committed to making it as easy as possible to find a set of straps that match every style and look. Yongle international Co., Ltd. crystal bra straps attach to any convertible bra or strapless bra and are all fully adjustable. 

bra straps chain
chain bra straps

bra straps diamond
diamond bra straps

bra straps chanel
chanel bra straps
There is no reason to wrestle with a strapless bra or have plain or clear bra straps when there are decorative bra straps available at Yongle international Co., Ltd. Thanks!
bra straps swarovski
swarovski bra straps

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