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Buying and selling has become a much easier industry to penetrate since the birth of the internet. This platform has allowed business-minded individuals easy access to a plethora of wholesalers across the globe at the touch of a button. Although this would appear like a match made in heaven, there are untold dangers that come with such easy access.

Judging the reputable nature of wholesale suppliers can be a potential minefield. It is not easy to ascertain whom to trust. Finding a respected and truthful wholesalers directory or wholesale forum could be the key to unlocking the truth, although there are numerous options available to you to succeed.
Meeting Face-to-Face

For those who find it difficult to trust online wholesale suppliers, your local factory shops and wholesalers would be a good place to start. They might not have the range of goods or competitive prices you're asking for, but at least you can meet them face to face and see their operation and products at first hand.

This approach is the safest option when researching wholesale suppliers, because you can form a physical relationship, as opposed to an agreement made online through emails.

Wholesalers Online

You will find that online wholesalers in faraway places can offer some of the best value for money deals on the internet. The location of these wholesalers could make it impractical for you to physically inspect the goods, which instantly casts a doubt in your mind regarding their authenticity. Regardless of the ins and outs of the buying and selling business, how do you know if a wholesaler is reputable?

Talking with the wholesaler on the telephone can sometimes help to form a relationship, in which you will get a good feel for their company. Ensure the suppliers provide you with detailed descriptions of the products in question. You could always purchase a trial order for a smaller quantity to see how their operation reacts. This will give you an idea of their true intentions.

You can use search engines to inquire about the reputation of the wholesale suppliers, because rouge traders could already have unfavourable feedback against them readily available online. Researching in this manner could provide you with the information you require.
Wholesale Directories

It can be especially difficult for those looking to purchase goods from wholesale suppliers in China because there are so many to choose from, which quadruples the risks. Wholesale directories will provide you with valuable information to which websites provide wholesale products from reputable sourcing platforms such as Global Sources. Reputable wholesale directories like the ones we have provided links to will ensure you fully understand the pitfalls involved with such matters.

The directories also have posts from persons who have already been involved with some of these wholesale suppliers from China and other foreign companies, which provide you with clear advice on their authenticity. Take heed of this valuable advice because in this business it is better to learn from the mistakes others have made, instead of making the mistakes yourself.

Safe trading!

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