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Selling unbranded products on eBay is one of the best ways to make a profit – if you learn how to market them effectively. Check the eBay forum, and you will find plenty of successful merchants selling unbranded products on eBay.

The secret to more sales exists in eye-catching product descriptions that do not violate the terms of your eBay contract in any way. Read these tips to help you find, market and sell unbranded products on eBay for the greatest possible return.

Finding Unbranded Products

The first step is to find high quality, unbranded products that you want to offer for sale, either through dropshippers or wholesale distributors. One of the most popular places to find this sort of merchandise is through wholesalers in China that offer a wide range of products to e-commerce merchants across the globe.

The key is to research the drop shipping company thoroughly before signing on with them.  It is also important to find a drop shipper who is willing to use escrow to protect your interests and your customer service.
Listing Unbranded Products

The eBay website is particular about how unbranded items are listed, and it will terminate relationships with merchants who violate the terms of their agreement. This means that you cannot use a brand name in any way in your product listing or description, even to say your product is "like" or "similar to" a specific brand name item.

Throwing a brand name into your product listing, when your item is not from that specific manufacturer, is known by eBay as keyword spamming, and it results in the item getting removed from the listings. Likewise with stuffing your listings with a ton of keywords will also see your listings removed.

Marketing Unbranded Products

With clear rules regarding the use of brand names for unbranded items, it can be challenging to bring attention to your unbranded product. However, there are techniques that many have used successfully to move this type of merchandise effectively.

First, find hot products that are guaranteed to sell. Research your market to see what the most popular items might be before advertising your choices. However, you don't want to be entering a market that is too saturated.

Next, add your own brand to the item, if you like. This gives you exclusive rights to the brand, so you will be the only one offering such items on the website. It is also effective to create a product description that demonstrates your product is exactly like similar brand name items – but with a lower price tag. While you cannot mention a specific brand, you can include a description like, "looks just like popular designer products for a fraction of the price."
Peruse our thread on selling unbranded products on eBay for more ideas on how to utilise product keywords correctly.

There are many benefits to selling unbranded products on eBay, including no listing limitations and potential for higher profit margins. There are also many good suppliers of these items, including a number of reputable companies based in China that are selling at phenomenal prices.  When these products are effectively marketed, you can make a good profit on unbranded merchandise for the same time and effort it takes to sell designer items.

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