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How to make  a dog tag necklaces

Rhinestone Dog Necklaces  Rhinestone Dog NecklacesRhinestone Dog necklaces

First Stamping 
traditional dog tags are made by a stamping machine. This device seals the label text to the metal, creating raised letters. The effect is not different from the strike of a typewriter powerful, but the stamp machine all the information may not letter by letter. The information includes name and military serial number tags worn by military people.

Second Recorded
New developments in the manufacture of dog tag have opened the doors to the laser engraving. This process uses a laser to record the information in metal, jagged, rather than lifted from the text.

Third Machines
For people who want to produce their own plates, small personal stamping machines on the market. These machines are generally smaller than a standard computer printer and can reach $ 10,000. The metal tags are inserted into the machine, engraved with any text that has been programmed or written on your keyboard, and released on the other side of the facility.

Fourth Base
Standard plates are made of an aluminum plate that is cut large rectangular shaped with slightly rounded edges. Options have increased along with the popularity of tags. Those who wish to create custom labels blank labels can be found in colors ranging from bright red camouflage forms including soccer balls and crosses, and materials ranging from plastic with gold-plated metal.

Fifth Extras
Dog tags have a hole at the top to accommodate the chain on his worn around the neck. Tags used in the armed forces are also often equipped with silencers, or a thin rubber trim placed around the edges of the labels, so you do not make noise and noise when the soldiers are being dragged through the jungle.

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