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Avoid Fabric Bra Straps Slide

Stop bras from slidingYou finally find the perfect bra and get home to try it in size. It fits perfectly, but still sliding your shoulders. I have the perfect remedy to stop the fabric bra straps from sliding.

Clean the bra and dry thoroughly in the washing machine if it is not new.Clean and dry the bra in the washer is not new.
The clip has to be clean. If you are an older support that slides, wash and dry thoroughly before continuing.

Use the rubber like shelf liners available in your local store.Use the rubber linings platform available at your local store.
Buy the rubber as shelf liners. These come in a variety of colors available in supermarkets, department or grocery store. The dollar store has them for $ 1. You can also find the number right at a garage sale they'll have no problem.

Measure the length and width of the bra strap before you cut the shelf linerMeasure the length and width of the belt clip before cutting the shelf liner
Cut a strip long enough to cover the top of the shoulder belt clip. I suggest about 6 inches so you have 3 inches on the front and 3 inches in the back of the belt. Measure the width of the belt to have the correct size, both length and width.

Sew the shelf liner to the inside of the bra strap to secure it safely.Sew lining platform inside the bra strap to secure it safely.
Sew this piece of line stand inside the belt. The area will be next to your skin. Its straps slides no longer work and annoy.

A strapless bra will not slide with shelf liner on the sides or under the cups.A strapless bra does not slide bedliner on the sides or in the cups.
If you have a bra strap that slides under. Do the same steps of the measure, but the measure under the cups, or on the sides of the fastener. This is a choice of their own as to the placement of the roof rack.

A bra with the shelf liner on it should be hand washed and never machine dried.A shelf bra line should be washed by hand and not machine dry.
Do not pull the clip in the dryer. The liner is not helpful dryer safe. You ruin your bra. You hand washing and drying clothes many times more sensitive, so be careful not to put them in the dryer with the bedliner in place. The clip after sewing the lining platform he should not be machine washed either.Laundering these machines in your home going to ruin her bra.


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