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Jewelry Cleaning Tips

I do this! What is this?
Before cleaning your jewelry, look carefully to make sure that all settings, clasps and teeth are safe. Once you've done this, you are ready to proceed.
Jewelry Cleaning Tips
Before cleaning your jewelry, look carefully to make sure that all settings, clasps and ... More

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Tips for cleaning antique jewelry
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Purse Hanger Purse hanger hooks

Pearl Cleaning Tips
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Crystal Tiara Rhinestone tiara

Tips for cleaning a sapphire ring
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Mild Dish Detergents
Nonabrasive cleaners jewelry
Nonabrasive silver Polishes
Soft, dry cloth
Soft, lint-free cloth
Gold, platinum and precious stones
Use a jewelry cleaner, non-abrasive, which can be purchased at a local jewelry store. Or use a cleaning solution of mild soap and water.
Dip the jewelry in the cleaner solution or cleaning.
Rinse with warm water.
dry with a lint-free cloth and buff until it is bright.
Clean the silver with a silver polish is not abrasive.
Apply the glaze with a soft cloth, gently work the stain.
Wipe away excess polish and jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth until it is bright.
Note that often the use of silver jewelry can prevent it from becoming tarnished.


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