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How to find a China supplier, China factory, China wholesaler fast

I have found many of eBay sellers and amazon sellers do not know where to find a hot products supplier. And many sellers use stock photos from manufacturers.

Or search their images using google. I also like to do the same thing if I am testing the item without having it in my own hands.

But I do this a little bit differently, because I want to use a picture that will not reveal the product brand name or model number.

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This is the video article you watched

I have found many of the beautifulest pool stock photos from in the factors are found their images using Google. I also like to do that same thing if I am testing the item about having it in my own hands but I do this a little bit differently because I want to use at picture that the luxury brand name or model number the old testing products and my real business too.

And I'm protecting myself from my competitors believe me go to Ebay and type 3d Blu ray HD scroll down a little bit, I'm looking for you can see manufacturer name in the gallery picture hide the seller made a mistake. And showed you the name now you need to go to google and type this code let me show you let me explain what this code means Google to search for a specific website and. Cm Google search for specific websites.

Extension on the lips don't see an extension of time outside so this command tell Google to search for website in China only that include the vort time, and if you can use this anytime you want just replaced I made it before and overworked and you can find the real in the factor instantly also even if it isn't a nice if that manufacture doesn't have an English language you can use Google Translate and translate anything you want in to Google search to language options.

And translate to give you one more quick trip, here I don't remember your main goal is to all the products directly from the manufacturer of the time, but sometimes it's very open the factor so you have to go to Alibaba send a little Emperor letters to all Alibaba suppliers.

And deal with it cheapest one so let's pretend that you found with supplier on of the Bible ordered the sample after that order the more units and you are making money, but you sure that you are dealing the burial minute actor or just under seller let me explain and analyze the problem product like that man.

Oh and someone to find a product name brand name or something that describes this product, so I can use my main chick that they just chilled review cut some suppliers in the past just by using this technique is one of my main drops from the start eliminate means more money for you.

This is the main reason of all the details about the product from a supplier you can find many factories.

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