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How to find a high demand, low supply best hot item selling on Ebay and Amazon

As my opinion, hot products are all the things for the online business. But how to find a high demand, low supply best hot item selling on Ebay and Amazon? 

Watch this video, you will get all the things you want.

If you are finding the fastest selling items on ebay and Amazon, but where you can get them?

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This is the video article you watched

 Not sure, what I stand for sale on eBay, eBay Stores olan Rogers selling items. but you're not sure how they figured out that they look good. I fell in the fifth place or you a bunch of items to sell. And then finding out that nobody wants them and sell them and keep watching this video. Because I'm going to review for figuring out the beast license to sell on eBay, step by step process is to research and brainstorm a big list items. 

That we might potentially want to sell, once we have figured this list at 830 items individually. And figure out the speech I fell, so how can you bring some potential license to list? All the old one of the easiest ways to get started is to actually go over to Amazon. And look at their Amazon Best Sellers isoms, Amazon be selling items list of categorize different up for license into the categories.

So what I say is come over here, and pay for example baby I want to show you the top 100 selling. I should start with in the category of baby items by items in bulk and wholesale rights. What is it is to not focus on the brand for example? If we come here to spell brush brush. And seed of dr. Brown's bottle brush the reason being is it finding a printed good hotel.

It can be pretty tricky and usually this is about the lowest price that you don't usually get. I mean that you see here that this clock color price competition.

So I sent and focus on junior caisson and Steve, but if you were planning on buying items from Craigslist and reselling them on ebay focus on branded products and you write down the particular brands ok to go straight on that list and see which ones will be easy to sell on eBay, and which ones will be odd 3125 mind but Lowes our competition.

If there are lots of stuff u sell, as you have scrambling to buy the ice which is the perfect situation to be in as a seller to figure this out. I use a free to include it in the whole self Wives return last sale her this is cool the market research lab and let me show you how it works Clear sell here. This is an online supply directory list containing of 8000 Chino and wholesale suppliers trucks does manufacturers and liquid Isis the Frito code.

The market research lab what you get for free if you sign up for a subscription so I'm just going to go ahead. And log into my subscription now I'm about to get one you should check out the link in the description of our sign in to my account it's really easy to get some after research lab just come up here. 

And click Market Research Lab once you come to the screen here you want to come to the search box and type in the ice in that you're interested. If I send my testicles military this is where the ice, and that I found on Amazon. So I'm just going to analyze now that's how her it's going through a whole different type of Tasha and its funny for us so we can see hear that it's showing us that the item has a 44% tickets right, because it means in that bat 44 percent of the time on average.

We can expect a product to South surfer selling a tactical military backpack in general attorney take us between your about 2-3 weeks on average for a salad Mars. We can see how that's going to low competition competition racing is because if we come over here we can see that there at 3345 total listings for the past 30 dead, but do you have been 7822 beds season see that there are more than double the number of beds for the number of listings which means in the high by the mind but both fell asleep lie.

That is perfect and if we just go down at the park ,that's very helpful we can see here that text me back packs on average selfi $25.93 final price of 32 dollars plus go to help us understand how much money we can meet each week speak to make. If we were to enter into the store and sell it on eBay so I can I buy a backpack, in this case you would be excellent to buy cuz its low competition and it's a pretty good sales price.

We can expect to make quite a bit of proof that if you would find at wholesale prices and then resell it on eBay. I would love competition racing a minimum of 33 percent satisfied and an average selling price of at least eighteen dollars that you created on your left from the Amazon Best Sellers less.

And finally I can meet this criteria. And you have a list of items that will be quite to sell on eBay, and vet is it you again stated that you can now you sell her to find cheap wholesale supply of your chosen products, and let me show you just how simple that is tutor to show you what to do. If you want to go to the whole self to retreat, and look the cheats of bias of the product that you found.

Using the hotel directory in the top mean you to see .It will take you to the hotel supply directory left as you can see the difference supplies have been categorized the different types of ice. And that they sell their supplies that's how Sporting Goods payment products and your supplies at South baby care products, I mean basically if there's any time you want to sell so who probably have to supply for it looks like we start.

Because we want you want to come up here search by and what type of the icing on that military backpack is a nice not like the south. So I'm just going to click the spice in here, and wants out who will do all of the supplies 516 South military backpacks. And if we can see successfully sent to suppliers that sell military backpacks at wholesale prices I need to do now is contacting suppliers and find out the prices.

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