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How to find a realy factory/supplier avoide scamer in China

This is a very important lesson and very useful.

Please watch this video.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We will send you a list where to get lots of factory and suppliers.

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This is the video article you watched

Welcome back to another important from China video training. I'm currently in a very special place it is the Great Wall of China. so she could stay here in the background.

And I thought I make a video for you, just so you can you watch is now the first did it rain so bad. How to go about finding a factory in trying to kill other people on the show that had to go back funny were beautiful factory that would deliver high quality goods.

And usually it's difficult for some people and very frustrating especially be spending a lot of time you know going on so its like Alibaba, made in China, Global Sources... a few these sites.

That's why it's very important that you know exactly, where to go but more importantly how to find those factories cuz if he replies on the very soon.

So I just mentioned and you know as with any business to business website this some bad apples so speaking to quickly on the made in China and the Alibaba.

If you want to find good factories on sites like this is a couple of things I need to do such thing is just make sure the factory does exist so factories out there people wanting to be effective. In fact that not so just make sure they do actually exist as a couple things you can do about this.

How you can get you give me a call on the phone usually if there's cake factory the one I usually answer the phone, and its a few other states got you can do as well as actual test you can ask them for this is too difficult like license and registration in Kite Runner actually has these up business registration available when trying to get you look them up a few other things,

You can do is go to find out where abouts in China are they located in for example of the factory is playing the bass in Hong Kong off the bat always say the truth or trading company or scam. And the reason I say this is home called you know it's too urban you what you find it most factories aren't very rural districts just like countryside so not even that industrial district to Hong Kong's pretty much just sitting and very expensive.

So we have a factory that so the more likely to be to the office or there a trading company or write a couple of things you can do is ask him out whether or not they are trading company if they are training company they will probably tell you out front they are trading company, alright another thing you can do is you can ask him for samples if they are scamming a scam a factory or they don't exist they probably won't send you a sample to Jersey Shore to Austin for a sample never ever ever handle them lead to a Chinese factory.

If you have not yet received a sample ok and sometimes work with got samples I get questions like this all the time I do pay for sample can you get a free sample, do I pay for shipping the answers usually sometimes you can get the sample for free, but if you can't get a free.

Usually you just pay for shipping, I got you so shipping and the cost right sometimes you can't get to get a sample for free but usually depends on the relationship you have the fact Review Board of them or two, before you know that they'll give you a free samples on the on the new latest product range or what sucks its just a quick shout out to everybody,

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