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How to hire freelance social media managers to market our business

I was thinking about whether anyone has great involvement with procuring independent online networking chiefs to keep up social channels?

Where do you discover them? What do you search for? How would you generally manage or control their work? What are the cost ranges for low maintenance or easygoing? What are the fundamental level of administrations a brand typically needs?

Any input on the procedure would be extraordinarily refreshing!

Ebay sellers:
I think if you want to pay more and have a professional deliver results then go the professional company route . 

It you just want someone to do some jobs for you and pay for the work done then freelance is the way to go . I had a freelancer do my Facebook page and Twitter for abit and it was pleasant and cheap .

Amazon sellers:
Just make sure they are experts and practise what they preach! When l hired Social Media Managers, l found they were all talk, so make sure you check them out properly and they walk the walk.

Maybe set a mini social media test - they should know the latest trends and be able to demonstrate. Don't hire an SM Manager if they haven't done the Assistant or Executive level of work. I've seen companies do this and they suffer.

Also, make sure the person looking at their CVs and employing them knows SM like the back of their hand and is educated in the subject including Strategy. Don't be like the agencies l worked with, idiots hiring idiots ;)

And not forgetting to mention, train them every 6 months at the least. Big brands do this, l know as l was hired to train teams and Managers in a very large automotive company. You can usually find Social Media Experts who come in to train Managers. Depending on who you use it shouldn't be expensive but your company will benefit immensely in the long run. 

If you need any more advice or help, don't be afraid to give me a shout.

Lazada sellers:
Depends on the business, the social channels, the marketing strategy and a whole host of other factors.

If all you want is someone to post on facebook and twitter and upload pictures to pinterest then a monkey can do this. But if you want someone to build relationships in order develop interest in the brand, monitor and adjust a campaign, respond to complaints and manage your reputation then a manager may be useful to the business.

What are you expecting to achieve from your social activities?

Wish sellers:
Are you looking to outsource your social media services, or are you an agency or freelance looking to do some market research to shape what you offer?

I don't agree with Elad that you need a digital marketing agency if you are outsourcing social media, or that freelances only update your accounts and don't have a knowledge or interest in conversion.

Its not about Agency V Freelance - it's about working with an agency or freelance who understands your business and target audiences and has the skills and knowledge to provide you with tangible results which help you grow your business.

If I'm outsourcing work to an agency or freelance I

1. Develop a brief with measurable objectives
2. Understand that I need to invest time and effort to help them understand the business
3. Agree reporting methods to measure success and outputs
4. The service would depend on the requirements of the brand but for me would include strategy development, content development, campaign planning and implementation, reports and recommendations.

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