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How to start a home online small business with small budget

I need to fire up a home online business (Apparels) yet right now I am in the examining stage.

I might want some guidance on what programming's I could use to help me on this new enterprise.

Needed something that could help me to store stock data, client subtle elements, approaching and active finacial points of interest and so forth...

Might want something that I could download (and maybe free) so I can experiment with time permitting ( as I have 5 children and need to work around them)

If not downloadable then something on the web. (ideally free)

Amazon seller, I would suggest to you some kind of an online CRM, like suiteCRM, capsule or hubspot's CRM. Research about online free CRM and find the best suited to your needs, hope this helps.

The best way is that import some novel goods from alibaba, made in china .com them to resell on ebay and amazon and so on.

If you are in the market for some products, we also can help you. Please contact info@stylesupplier.com for more details.

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